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Welcome to Milkweed Arts

… where paper and thread, wool and silk, find creative conversations through the fine craft of book and textile arts, ancient crafts made new in unique designs for your personal wear, home, business, and sacred space.


Each autumn the rough, sun-bleached milkweed pod tells its secret, bursting in white enchantment along roads and fields. I would like to make art as the milkweed does, allowing each piece to grow from an image, color, or word that has graced the path of a day. I want to let the seeds go where they will, and create something beautiful for ordinary use.

“Endless returning . . . not farewell, but faring forth into the grace
of transformed continuance . . . “

—Denise Levertov, “Relearning the Alphabet”

NOTE: If you are looking for Milkweed Arts in Phoenix, AZ go to http://www.milkweedartsaz.com/

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